Top Restaurants In East Lansing MI

Enjoy A Meal At One Of These Top Restaurants In East Lansing MI

Enjoy A Meal At One Of These Top Restaurants In East Lansing MI

What places are the best for dining out in East Lansing MI? There are some great restaurants to be sure. In fact, there are 157 of them, and that’s just in East Lansing. Perhaps you are also open to venturing out into the capital city as well. For now, let’s take a look at some of the best places to eat with your family in East Lansing, Michigan.

The #1 ranked dining establishment is Swagath Indian Cuisine. This restaurant is located at 1060 Trowbridge Road, and it is said to feature a nice lunch buffet. enjoy korma, naan, goat curry, other great meat dishes and much more. If authentic Indian cuisine sounds like a plan, don’t hesitate to stop by Swagath. The menu highlights say that this restaurant also features great vegetarian options.

State Room in East Lansing is located at 219 South Harrison Road, and it is a wonderful place to stop by for brunch, according to the reviews. Order up a kobe burger, salmon, crab cakes and more. The State Room is part of the Kellogg Center, and it is a place that is known for being booked by people hosting special events. Do you have a special even that you’re planning? This establishment is also said to feature a really great wine list.

Hop Cat is a popular restaurant in East Lansing, and it has a cool name. The address for this dining establishment is 300 Grove Street, and there are so many different great foods there. Order up pretzel bites, crab fries, burgers, tacos, pulled pork, fish and chips and much more. This restaurant seems to have a little bit of everything.

Sansu in East Lansing is also quite popular, and it’s located at 4750 South Hagadorn Road. Order up miso soup, a bento box, sushi, salmon and more. According to reviews, you can expect large portions and attentive service. People also say that the menu features quite a large selection. A lot of people talk about the sushi, so it’s definitely a hotspot for sushi if that’s what you’re looking to enjoy.

These East Lansing restaurants are some of the best. I hope you and yours have an excellent time dining out in the city. You’re certainly going to enjoy taking some time to enjoy a meal at one of the best places to eat in East Lansing. Maybe you will end up picking one off of this list.